Call to Order. The meeting was called to order at 7:40 P.M. by chairperson Lyle Updike. Supervisors Vernon Pogue and Doug Yelk, treasurer Joan Rademacher, clerk Claudia Quick, highway patrolman Dennis Farrell and assistant highway patrolman Wesley Dorshorst were present. One additional person attended the meeting.

Statement of Public Notice. The chair directed that the minutes show that notice of the Town Board meeting was published in the October 4, 2001 issue of The Star. The agenda was also faxed to the Capital Times. Copies were posted on the three town bulletin boards on October 5, 2001.

Approve Minutes of Previous. Meeting Moved by Vernon Pogue, second by Doug Yelk to approve the minutes of the September 10, 2001 and September 24, 2001 meeting.

Presentation from the Public. None

Report on Town Roads. Mr. Dennis Farrell reported on the following:

  • Waiting for Payne and Dolan for repair projects on Bailey Road.
  • Waiting for Dane County Highway to do line painting on Bailey Road.
  • Will be replacing signs that are no longer reflective.
  • Replacing the Medina Road bridge is off this year’s schedule.
  • Will be replacing the bridge on Kelly Road this year.
  • Received the Paser Program and the information will be entered and sent to the Department of Transportation by December 15, 2001.
  • Mowing is complete – 92 hours of time on the leased tractor.
    Consider Preliminary Plans for M & S Hartman, section 10 Mr. Richard Brockman spoke on behalf of the Hartman’s. Consensus of the board was that they could proceed.

Consider and Take Action re: Rezone Petition #8251 for R & H Trotta as amended by the County Zoning Committee. Moved by Doug Yelk, second by Vernon Pogue to approve the petition as amended. Motion carried.

Consider and Take Action re: Security for The Oaks Plat, section 34. The Oaks Plat must satisfy the conditions of park fund fees, erosion control escrow and security for the portion on the road that remains to be built before the town will sign the final plat. The security for the road will be 125% of the amount left to complete the road. Consensus was that Mr. Farrell will be responsible for determining the amount to be completed. No action was taken.

Audit and Pay Bills. The Board reviewed the invoices submitted. Moved by Vernon Pogue, second by Doug Yelk to approve the payment of the bills with an amendment to pay the EMS bill when we receive with approval from the chairman, Lyle Updike. Motion carried.

Old Business/New Business

  • Each of the board members received a letter from S. Sullivan regarding the second access. Consensus was that anyone requesting a second driveway must be on the agenda for a board meeting.
  • Lyle Updike reported on the termination of the contract with the Fire Dept. and the City of Sun Prairie is in the process of arranging a meeting with the Town chairs.
  • Vernon Pogue reported on the EMS budget.


  • Town Road Improvement Program (TRIP) Meeting
  • Received from the Towns Association a postcard requesting action on the budget. Moved by Doug Yelk, second by Vernon Pogue to approve the budget. Motion carried

Set Next Meeting Date/Adjournment. The next meeting date was set for Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 7:30 P.M. Moved by Vernon Pogue, second by Doug Yelk to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. The chairman declared the meeting adjourned at approximately 10:10 p.m.

Correct Attest,

Joan M. Rademacher, Deputy Clerk