The Town Board of the Town of Sun Prairie met on Monday, January 28, 2002 at 7:30 P.M. at the Town Hall, 5556 Twin Lane Road.

Call to Order. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M. by chairperson Lyle Updike. Supervisors Vernon Pogue and Doug Yelk, clerk Claudia Quick, deputy clerk Joan Rademacher and highway patrolman Dennis Farrell were present. Twelve other people attended the meeting.

Statement of Public Notice. The chair directed that the minutes show that notice of the Town Board meeting was published in the January 23, 2002 issue of The Star. The agenda was also faxed to the Capital Times. Copies were posted on the three town bulletin boards on January 25, 2002.

Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting. Moved by Vernon Pogue, second by Doug Yelk to approve the minutes of the January 14, 2002 meeting. Motion carried.

Presentation from the Public. Deputy Tim Tyler from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, Northeast Precinct reported that the county is assigning patrol officers to a specific beat. Deputy Tyler along with Deputy Dahl and Deputy Blake will be officers in the Towns of Sun Prairie, Burke and Medina. This effort is known as “problem-oriented policing”. Items discussed were:

  • Develop good will between the local towns and their beat officers
  • Involvement with the community
  • Will help with neighborhood intervention problem-solving
  • Would do traffic studies – set up speed boards
  • Do reports etc. at the Town Hall
  • Work with Town Hwy. Patrolmen in regards to signage etc.

Have a more pro-active and a new offensive attitude instead of the defensive attitude – new idea and all are willing to try

Consider Preliminary Plans by S. Woldt for residential zoning, sec. 24. The board advised that a driveway access permit application be applied for with the Dane County Hwy. Dept. before the Woldt’s proceed to the County Zoning Dept. Hwy TT has limited access. Also, the configuration of lots to be placed on the property, take into consideration the number of feet of road frontage and the number of feet at building line.

Consider Preliminary Plans by T. Richard for residential zoning, sec. 20. Mr. Richard presented a new plan to the board. The consensus of the board was that he could proceed.

Audit and Pay Bills. The Board reviewed the invoice listing and the payment for the tanker truck. Moved by Vernon Pogue, second by Doug Yelk to approve payment of bills. Motion carried.

Old Business/New Business

  • Discuss and take any necessary action on the Oaks Plat Mr. J. Blaska reported that the park fund fees had been paid to the Town. The Town Board is satisfied that all road construction deficiencies are addressed in a letter of guarantee from the developer and excavator. Moved by Lyle Updike, second by Vernon Pogue to accept the final plat, roadway and letter of guarantee. Motion carried.
  • Discuss impact of possible reduction in shared revenue The board discussed the proposal by the Governor to reduce the shared revenue to the towns. Would know more by mid-May, 2002.
  • Refinance Public Safety Building Board discussed the possibility of refinancing the EMS building loan. This item will be placed on a future board meeting agenda.


  • Received a copy of a letter sent by Attorney Hazelbaker to the Sullivan’s regarding a settlement with the driveway issue.
  • Regional Planning Committee Meeting will be on February 28, 2002.
  • Chairman Updike reported on the recent fire meeting held on January 17, 2002.
  • Marshall School District is having a school district referendum on February 19, 2002.

Next Meeting Date/Adjournment. The next meeting date was set for Monday, February 11, 2002 at 7:30 P.M. Moved by Vernon Pogue, second by Doug Yelk to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. The chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

Correct Attest,
Joan M. Rademacher, Deputy Clerk