Time:  7:30 p.m.


  1. Call to order.
  2. Statement of Public Notice.
  3. Approve minutes of previous meeting.
  4. Recess for comments from the public.
  5. Public Hearing: Allow public comment on application #9084 by Koua Vang and Dia Vang to rezone and divide a 2.01 acre lot from RH-l Rural Home into two R-1 Residential lots for new homes east of 2919 Vang Road in Section 31, Town of Sun Prairie.
  6. Consider and take action on Vang application.
  7. Public Hearing: allow public comment on application #9080 by Harold Starks (Representing Ronald Thurston and Robin Olson) to rezone 2.07 acres of a 63 acre parcel from A-1 (Exclusive) agriculture to RH-1 west of 3090 Bailey Road in Section 19, TSP.
  8. Consider and take action on Starks application.
  9. Consider and take action on a preliminary plan by Vince and Betty Maly to rezone 2.75 acres of a 24.8 acre parcel from R-3A Residential into three R-1 Residential lots of 40,000 sq. ft. each northwest of the intersection of Bailey Road and Parkview Road in Section 17, TSP.
  10. Consider and take action on a preliminary plan by Ultimate Construction Inc. (Represented by Scott Foley) to rezone 2.95 acres from A-1 (Exclusive) Agriculture to LC-1 Limited Commercial as a storage facility for equipment, material and supplies for an existing construction business at 5230 Pierceville Road in Section 26, TSP.
  11. Appointments to the Land Trust Commission and the Cottage Grove/Sun Prairie Ad Hoc Committee.
  12. Agenda for next meeting.
  13. Set next regular meeting date.
  14. Adjournment.

Roger Fetterly, Chairman

It is possible that members of and a possible quorum of members of other governmental bodies of the municipality may be in attendance at the above stated meeting to gather information; no action will be taken by any other governmental body at the above stated meeting other than the governmental body specifically referred to above in this notice.

Persons with disabilities who need accommodations to attend the meeting should contact the clerk’s office at 837-6688.