1. Call to Order.
  2. Statement of Public Notice.
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Approve Minutes of Prior Meeting.
  5. Public Comment
  6. E Newhouse: Eagle Scout project in Generations Park
  7. Consider/take action re: Award Sealcoat Bid
  8. Consider/take action re: Approve Petition 10436 by David Riesop to rezone 1.0 acres of a 65 acre parcel from A-1(Ex) Agricultural to R-1A Residential to provide a residence for two sons of the owner who work on the family farm on Ridge Road in Section 36, Town of Sun Prairie.
  9. Consider/ take action re: Approve Petition 10440 by Jerome Klein representing the Francis R & Delphine M Klein Trust, requesting approval to rezone a 1.84 acre parcel which includes an existing home from A-1(Ex) Agricultural to R-1A Residential and rezone an adjacent 2.56 acre parcel from A-1(Ex) Agricultural to RH-1 Rural Homes to make the parcels available for sale to settle the Klein estate at 5446 CTH N, in Section 21, Town of Sun Prairie.
  10. Committee Updates
    1. Fire Advisory
    2. EMS
    3. Colonial Club
    4. Plan Commission
    5. SP/CG Boundary Area Agreement
  11. Audit/Pay Bills.
  12. Old Business/New Business/Correspondence
  13. Items for next meeting agenda
  14. Set Next Meeting Date/Adjournment

Amended: May 22, 2012

Published in the Star: May 24, 2012

Web & Bulletin Board Post: May 25, 2012

Jo Ann Ramsfield, Town Clerk

Persons needing special accommodations should contact the Clerk’s office 837-6688 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.