1. Call to Order.
  2. Statement of Public Notice.
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Approve Minutes of Prior Meeting
  5. Public Comment
  6. Consider/Take Action re: CSM approval for petition #9480, Bruce & Shelly Rademacher, 5007 County Rd TT, Cottage Grove, WI
  7. Consider/Take Action re: approve petition by Margaret and John Fieumefreddo to divide and existing RH-2 Rural Homes 5.129 acre parcel into a 3.129 acre RH-1 parcel and a 2.0 acre RH-1 parcel to make the smaller parcel available for sale to a prospective buyer to build a new residence at 5386 Town Hall Drive in Section 22, Town of Sun Prairie.
  8. Consider/Take Action re: Final CSM # 13451 for Petition DCPREZ-2012-10422 by Kevin Miller; to rezone3.83 acres from RH-3 Rural Homes to RH-2 Rural Homes; rezone 0.17 acres from LC-1 Limited Commercial to RH-2 Rural Homes; and rezone 1.69 acres from LC-1 Limited Commercial for RH-3 Rural Homes for zoning compliance at 4791 Norton Drive in Section 31, Town of Sun Prairie.
  9. Consider/Take Action re: approve petition by John Wood to amend the deed restrictions to conform with existing uses on a C-2 Commercial parcel at 2523 CTH T in Section 21, Town of Sun Prairie.
  10. Consider/Take Action re:  approve operator’s license for employees of BP Crossroads.
  11. Consider/Take Action re:  Plan Commission recommendations for the town Park Committee and Generation’s Park expansion.
  12. Consider/Take Action re: Boundary Area Agreement with Village of Cottage Grove.
  13. Committee Updates
  14. Old Business/New Business/Correspondence
  15. Audit/Pay Bills.
  16. Items for next meeting agenda
  17. Set Next Meeting Date/Adjournment

Jo Ann Ramsfield, Town Clerk

Persons needing special accommodations should contact the Clerk’s office 837-6688 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

It is possible that members of and a possible quorum of members of other governmental bodies of the municipality may be in attendance at the above stated meeting to gather information; no action will be taken by any other governmental body at the above stated meeting other than the governmental bodies specifically referred to above in this notice.