1. Call to Order.  The regular meeting of the Town of Sun Prairie Plan Commission was called to order at 7:00 p.m.  The following members were present:  Chairman Roger Fetterly, Dot Havens, John Quimby, Paul Stang and Doug Yelk.  Absent, excused:  Al Meyer and Jane Fiala.
  2. Public Notice.  Notice of the meeting was mailed to Plan Commission members and posted on the three Town bulletin boards on June 10, 2014.
  3. Approval of the minutes of previous meeting.  Hearing no objections, May 19, 2014 Plan Commission meeting minutes were approved as submitted.
  4. Recess for comments by visitors:  No public comments were presented.
  5. Public Hearing on petition by Jason Geiger.  Allow public comment on Petition DCPREZ-2014-10703 by Jason Geiger (Agent for James Skalitzky) to rezone 2.365 acres from A-2 Agricultural to C-2 Commercial to create a mini-warehouse business on lot 2 of CSM 9189 at the northeast corner of the intersection of Town Hall Drive and Hwy 19 in Section 3, Town of Sun Prairie.
    James Skalitzky spoke in favor of the petition.  Patrick and Kathryn Petrie, neighbors on the eastern boundary raised questions about screening and the view from their property, storm water runoff, lighting, hours of operation and in-and-out traffic.  Each concern was address and a 5-foot privacy fence on the eastern boundary was suggested which seem to satisfy the Petries.  Other parties expressed similar opinions and concerns.
  6. Consider and take action on Geiger petition.  Motion by Stang/Havens to approve the proposal with an additional requirement that a 5-foot privacy fence be constructed on the eastern boundary of the property at the beginning of construction of the first warehouse unit.  Roll call vote:  Fetterly, Stang, and Havens. Opposed: Quimby and Yelk. Motion carried.
  7. Consider and take action on the design review for the building and site in item 6 above.  Motion by Stang/Yelk to postpone.  Motion carried, 5-0-3.
  8. Public Hearing on petition by Luis Gomez.  Allow public comment on a request by Luis Gomez to rezone a 0.95 acre lot from R-1 Residential to LC-1 Limited Commercial and a conditional use permit to allow caretaker occupancy of the home by the owner and outdoor storage of 2 trucks and 2 enclosed trailers for his drywall contractor equipment at 2545 Kenneth Ct. in Section 32, Town of Sun Prairie.
    Approximately 10 neighbors and interested persons spoke in opposition to the rezone.  Most were concerned about commercial operations and outdoor storage of trucks and trailers in a residential neighborhood.  Speaking against the proposal were Amber Stamsta (owner of the home for sale on the eastern boundary of the Gomez property and who made the complaint to Dane County zoning inspector), Donald Hue, Ernst Conrath, James Raftery, Carl Williamson and others.
  9. Consider and take action on Gomez request.  Motion by Yelk/Stang to deny approval of the Gomez request.  Roll call vote for:  Quimby, Stang and Yelk.  Opposed: Fetterly and Havens.  Motion carried.
  10. Reviewed a conceptual plan proposed by Dennis Midthun and Michael Schuster to reconfigure and add new lots for residential homes, condominiums and a neighborhood park in the Savannah Valley subdivision.
  11. Set Next Regular Meeting Date.   The next regular meeting date of the Town of Sun Prairie Plan Commission is scheduled for July 21, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
  12. Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted for the record.
Roger Fetterly, Chair