Call to Order – Regular Town Meeting was called to order by Town Chair, L Updike at 7 p.m.; present were Supervisors V Pogue and D Yelk, Patrolman W Dorshorst, Clerk J Ramsfield, and Treasurer C Yelk. Others present were L Gomez and M Lydon.

Statement of Public Notice – The chair directed that the minutes show that notice of this meeting was posted on the website and three Town bulletin boards July 8 and updated July 23, 2014.

Pledge of Allegiance – The Pledge of Allegiance was led by J Ramsfield.

Approve Minutes of Prior Meeting – Moved by V Pogue, second by D Yelk to approve minutes from the June 23, 2014 board meeting as written.

Public Comment – L Gomez asked the town board to reconsider his request and override the Plan Commission denial. L Gomez stated that at this time the business is not active and he is working for another business. His reasons for parking his equipment at his home is because he could no longer afford the rental place. L Updike explained to L Gomez that the area he is living in residential and it is true that sometimes they approve spot zoning. However, R-1 Residential to LC-1 Limited Commercial doesn’t fit well for the neighborhood. The objection stated by the neighbors at the June 16th public hearing and July 14th board meeting are valid and the board stands by their decision. L Updike asked the other board members if they had anything else to add. D Yelk offered a suggestion of a storage location.

Road Report – W Dorshorst reported that they have equipment in for minor repairs; salt shed is full; shouldering of roads, crack filing, seal coating and sweeping is finished. Mowing will continue when the tractor is returned from repair. W Dorshorst informed the board members that he needs a hip replacement and his surgery is scheduled for October 2014. W Dorshorst & the board members discussed a relief driver during his recovery.

Committee Updates

  • Fire – D Yelk:  none
  • EMS – V Pogue:  EMS has introduced a new training tape for EMS personnel. If they can’t make it to the scheduled training they are required to take the tape home or watch it at the public safety building. It is working out well.
  • PC – none
  • Parks – Generations Park Entrance Pillars have been installed.
  • Farm Tech Days – nothing new to report

Old Business/New Business/Correspondence: none

Audit/Pay Bills.  Moved by V Pogue second by D Yelk to approve payment of bills as presented.

Voting AYE: Updike Pogue and Yelk

Voting Nay: none

Abstain: none

Motion carried

Items for next meeting agenda

  • D Yelk: possibly a closed meeting to discuss park funds.

Set Next Meeting Date/Adjournment: The next board meeting will be August 11, 2014 at 7p.m.  Moved by D Yelk, second by V Pogue to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m.

Voting AYE: Updike, Pogue and Yelk

Voting Nay: none

Absent: none

Motion carried

Correctly Attested,

Jo Ann Ramsfield, Town Clerk