Call to Order – Regular Town Meeting was called to order by Town Chair, L Updike at 7 p.m.; present were Supervisors V Pogue and D Yelk, Clerk J Ramsfield, Treasurer C Yelk and Patrolman W Dorshorst. Others present were J Muir, S & L Tubbs, N Conrad, M Goodwin, B Moldenhauer, and D O’Loughlin.

Statement of Public Notice – The chair directed that the minutes show that notice of this meeting was posted on the website and three Town bulletin boards September 19, 2014.

Pledge of Allegiance – The Pledge of Allegiance was led by County Supervisor, D O’Loughlin.

Approve Minutes of Prior Meeting – Approval delayed.

Public Comment: County Supervisor, D O’Loughlin stopped by to give the people present and update on the Dane County budget. His main focus was on the new proposed jail at $135 to $140 million.

Road Report: Discuss town roads that curbside collection trucks should not drive on. W Dorshorst ask the board to consider restricting the curbside collection trucks to the town’s main roads (no long driveway) and request trash container be placed on the same road of the mail box. W Dorshorst stated that these long driveways that are named town roads are not build for the weight of heavy equipment; this is one way the town can keep road maintenance costs affordable and without raising taxes.  The board instructed the clerk and W Dorshorst to compile the list of roads that would be affected; a list of residents affected, and draft a letter informing the residents of the changed if approved; this item to be added to next agenda.  No action.

Consider/take action:  Applications for Operator Licenses: Moved by D Yelk, second by V Pogue to approve the operator license application.
Voting AYE: Updike, Pogue and Yelk
Voting Nay: none
Absent: none
Motion carried

Consider/take action:  Developers Agreement for Deer Creek Run: L Updike stated for the people present that the agreement was placed on the agenda for the board to discuss the recommendation to the board by the town’s attorney as to how to move forward with the out of compliance developers agreement for Deer Creek Run. Most of the people present are property owners in that neighborhood. Each person present was encouraged to voice their concerns about the completion of Deer Creek Run road. L Updike explained that the issues the residents spoke about was not a Town Board decision, the item was referred to the Plan Commission for their recommendation about completion or abandonment. The town attorney had recommended the Developers Agreement be recorded as a covenant for the lot that the completed Deer Creek Run road easement is part of. Board consensus: no action on the covenant until the Plan Commission has had a chance to review and file an action report. No action taken.

Consider/take action:  Husbandry – Weight Limit Permits for roads: Upon completion of the boards discussion on husbandry it was decided the board would wait for the Dane County Towns Association model ordinance draft. The board would then revisit the issue and implement their decision. No action taken.

Consider/take action: 2015 Budget items: none were discussed

Committee Updates

  • Fire – D Yelk: nothing new to report
  • EMS – V Pogue: EMS dispatch call remain higher than 2013
  • PC – D Yelk: Deer Creek Run
  • Parks – D Yelk: Scheduled Park work day, Oct 4.
  • Farm Tech Days: Nothing new to report.

Old Business/New Business/Correspondence: none

Audit/Pay Bills.  Moved by V Pogue second by D Yelk to approve payment of bills including the handwritten additions.

Voting AYE: Updike Pogue and Yelk

Voting Nay: none

Abstain: none

Motion carried

Items for next meeting agenda:

  • Budget items
  • Curbside collection on town roads

Set Next Meeting Date/Adjournment: The next board meeting will be October 22, 2014 at 7p.m.  Moved by D Yelk, second by V Pogue to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 p.m.

Voting AYE: Updike, Pogue and Yelk

Voting Nay: none

Absent: none

Motion carried

Correctly Attested,

Jo Ann Ramsfield, Town Clerk