Call to Order: Chairman L Updike called the regular meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. at the Town Hall, 5556 Twin Lane Road. Supervisor D Yelk, Supervisor J Seltzner, Clerk C Yelk, Treasurer Kay Weisensel, Patrolman W Dorshorst, B Thering and Bob Bruha were present.  

Statement of Public Notice: Record in the minutes that the notice of this meeting was posted on the three Town bulletin boards and website on May 3, 2017.

Pledge of Allegiance: D Yelk led the pledge.

Approve Minutes from prior meeting:  Moved by D Yelk, second by J Seltzner to approve minutes from the 4/24/17 Town Board meeting as presented.
Voting AYE: Updike, Yelk & Seltzner
Voting NAY: none
Absent: none
Motion carried. 

Public Comment: Bernice Thering inquired about current farming practices in relation to the spreading of fertilizer and animal waste on farm fields and water quality of neighboring properties.  Board members shared much insight to the farming practice, with an emphasis on nutrient management plans that farmers are to follow.

Board of Review Ordinance Naming Alternate Members:  Moved by D Yelk, second by J Seltzner to approve the amended ordinance naming Board of Review Alternate members J Blaska, K Weisensel, J Rademacher & C Quick.
Voting AYE: Updike, Yelk & Seltzner
Voting NAY: none
Absent: none
Motion carried.

Open and Award Sealcoat Bids: 

2017 SEALCOAT PROPOSALS Struck  & Irwin Scott Construction
Slurry Seal 2.20/sq yd Brown Boiler 1.75/sq yd
Alvin Road  $               7,601.00  $              6,046.25
Cardinal Lane  $               3,933.60  $              3,129.00
Garden Court  $               6,604.40  $              5,253.50
Helgeland Drive  $               4,063.40  $              3,232.25
Hidden Meadows Drive  $               6,353.60  $              5,054.00
Kenneth Court  $               2,701.60  $              2,149.00
LaRue Lane  $               1,564.20  $              1,244.25
Norton Lane  $               5,275.60  $              4,196.50
Oakcrest Circle  $               2,879.80  $              2,290.75
Sylver Ridge Lane  $               6,285.40  $              4,999.75
Torbleau Road  $               9,141.00  $              7,271.25
Vang Road  $               5,317.40  $              4,229.75
Ridge Road  No Bid  $           51,066.32 $1.64
Twin Lane Road  No Bid  $           30,197.32  “
West Medina Road  No Bid  $              7,211.08  “
Zimmerman Road  No Bid  $              1,174.24  “
Total for Sun Prairie Township  $            61,721.00  $         138,745.21

Moved by Doug Yelk, second by J Seltzner to accept the bid proposal as presented by Scott Construction.
Voting AYE: Updike, Yelk & Seltzner
Voting NAY: none
Absent: none
Motion carried. 

Committee Updates:
Plan Commission   Nothing to report.
EMS   5/22/17 EMS will have a training exercise, to which the Board members are welcome.
Fire   A discussion group was held with members of NEDCFU, the City, Chief Garrison, and Les McBurney regarding the future of the Fire Advisory Board.  The 2,000 gallon tender to be sold will have a $3,000 reserve, and sale of the tender will be handled by the Fire Department.
Parks   Meeting of the committee will be 5/9/17, with a workday to follow 5/13/17.
Town Zoning   Updike, C Yelk, K Weisensel and Renee Lauber of DCTA met with an employee of DATCP to discuss future timeline to complete the process of opting out of county zoning.  There will be a joint meeting 5/11/17 for the 6 towns that have approved opting out of zoning with DCTA. 

Audit/Pay Bills: Moved by J Seltzner, second by D Yelk to approve the bills as presented with the hand written addition.
Voting AYE: Updike, Yelk and Seltzner
Voting Nay: none
Absent: none
Motion carried

Old business/new business/correspondence: Discussion on letter to Fahrner requesting resealing of Keller Dr, Blaska Dr, and Manley Dr, previously sealed improperly. DCTA annual meeting will be held at the Town of Verona on May 17, 2017. 

Items for next meeting agenda:  Committee updates, audit/pay bills, old business/new business/correspondence. 

Set Next Meeting Date/Adjournment Next Meeting Date will be 5/22/17.  Meeting adjourned at 7:34 pm.

Cindy L Yelk, Clerk
Town of Sun Prairie