Dane County Clean Sweep

Electronics Recycling Options

2018 Refuse and Recycling Collection Calendar

Beginning January 2nd, 2015

The Town has an automated service using trash and recycling carts on wheels. Each residential unit will be given a 65-gallon trash and a 95-gallon recycling container, unless you ordered different sizes in October of 2014. The carts have flip tops, which will help eliminate items being blown around. The trash will be collected weekly. The recycling will be collected every other week (EOW).   Collection of the recyclables EOW is the same week for the entire Town beginning January 2nd, 2015.

If you wish to have a larger garbage container, you may contact Pellitteri directly.  You will then be charged an annual fee for the larger size.  That charge is paid directly to Pellitteri.  For scheduling the pick-up of items to large to fit in your cart, please call Pellitteri Waste Systems at 257-4285, or visit www.pellitteri.com.  To sign up for email alerts regarding service changes, please email info@pellitteri.com.

All recyclables are “Single-Sort”. Meaning, we can place all allowed recyclables into the recycling cart . There is no need to bag newspaper, just put recyclable items in the cart. All plastics marked with the recycling symbol can be placed in your cart

On collection day the carts need to be at the end of your driveway, not in the road, not in front of snow banks. Just as with our other trash containers you have to be careful as to placement. The carts are to be 2 feet apart so the automated “arms” can have access, as well as 2 feet away from any fixed objects (mailboxes).